2020 Exhibitors

The Peace Country Beef Congress is pleased to welcome our 2020 exhibitors!

Meet the exhibitors that will joining us this year…


Clint and Anna Collins


Rio Grande Angus

Rio Grande Angus

Rio Grande Angus is located 20 minutes SW of Beaverlodge and is owned and operated by Clint & Anna Collins and twin 19 year old boys Tyler and Wyatt and 13 year old daughter Faith.

This year we have 20 yearling angus bulls for sale by private treaty and also this year we have a few heifers for sale. If you are looking for a new herd bull with great genetics, very sound footed, quiet temperament and like calving ease give us a call.

The coffee is always on and if you get to the Beaverlodge area please call and we would love for you to come out and tour the herd and look at some bulls.


Faith Collins

This is my 4th year showing cattle at the PCBC and my 5th year in 4H. I am a 2nd year intermediate Member in 4H and I am the president of our club this year. I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Rick Wallan for purchasing my 4H steer Elvis last May.

I really enjoy working with cattle and I am thankful for the youth program the PCBC offers !! This years 4H projects are a Maine Anjou heifer and steer and I really like them.

One new thing I am super excited about being a part of is the peace country jr cattleman club .. this club has already taught me a lot of things and my projects are a commercial Simmental steer and a purebred Simmental heifer.

I really love and have an appreciation for all breeds and I am happy to have cattle here with my family Rio Grande Angus.



Katherine Ross

Sasquatch Valley Simmentals

Located in Rose Prairie, raising Traditional & Red factor Simmentals,Registered and Commercial. Everyone welcome. Stop for a coffee. Family Farm since 1964.

Rheana Gilbert

From the Silver Willow 4-H Club



Breanna Paley

From the Beaverlodge 4-H Club

3rd year in 4h beef


Austin Paley

From the Beaverlodge 4-H Club

5th year in 4h beef



Taylor Gellings

From the Groundbirch multi-club



Khyden Mattson

From the Peace Country Jr. Cattleman’s Club



Ross Kishkan

From the Groundbirch 4-H Club



Cameron Wrigth

From the Beaverlodge 4-H Club



Hadley Tanner

Tanner Ranch



John Harms

Crestland Farms Ltd.

Crestland Farms Ltd. run a 200 head cow calf operation in northern Alberta. we have a annual bull sale in conjunction with Gomack Red angus March 10th @ VJV in Dawson Creek.



Ryan Albrecht

Albrecht Farms



Jack & Shannon Trask

Rafter SJ Angus

Along with our commercial cattle, we have 120 head of registered Red Angus and a few Black Angus. We have acquired them by purchasing top end females and herd sires from reputable and established herds. We were both raised on ranches in the North Peace Country. We enjoy our cattle and the life long friends we have made through them. We have 24 bulls for sale off the farm. Stop for coffee and have a look.



Payden Buechert

From the Groundbirch 4-H Club

I am Payden Iam 9 years old. This will be my second year in 4-H. I like helping my parents feed cows


Brook-Lynn Buechert

From the Groundbirch 4-H Club

I am Brooke-lynn I am 11 years old I help my parents feed cows, and at calving time. This will be my 3rd year in 4-H




Tracey Foster-Duriez

Desert Acres

We run a blend of 25 registered purebred speckle park and 25 commercial females. They are all serviced by registered purebred speckle park bulls.



Bailee Richardson

This is Bailee’s 6th year in 4-H, she is treasurer of the montagneuse 4-H multi club. In the fall of 2018 she purchased her first four heifers. 2 of which are Simmental cross black Angus, and the other 2 are Speckled Park. they’ve been bred to a Speckle Park bull to calve in March. This 4-H steer will be shown at the north peace 4-H show and sale June 1st 2020 at the JE Hawker Pavilion, GPRC fairview campus.



Katelynn Buechert


I am Katelynn Bueckert and I have been in 4-H for 4 years. Green Valley is my club. I love it.



Bailey and Lexi Sazwan

From Beaverlodge

Bailey and Lexie are in their first year in the Beaverlodge Beef club, but have previous experience in the Blazing Emeralds multi club. They will be bringing a steer each, the steers are out of Normandy cows and a Belgian Blue bull.


Miche, Miya and Martin Kemp

Kemp’s Cattle Ranch

Sunrise Valley BC, Shorthorns



Georgia Chipps

Dolen Land & Cattle

Georgia Chipps is from Dolen Land & Cattle. A mixed farming operation with 700 cows. A backgrounding operation of 500 head. We calve starting May 1st.



Donavan Snider

Siler Willow 4-H Club

Donovan Snider has been growing his herd of Speckle Park Cattle, alongside his parents, Darren and Jenn Snider. They raise 40 head of Speckle Park and Speckle Park Cross cattle in Fish Creek, on the outskirts of Fort St. John.

Donovan has loved the Speckle Park breed and purchased his first heifer 3 years ago, when he was finally old enough to be a 4H member. He has enjoyed showing heifers, cow/calf pairs and steers.



Keston Humbke

Bezanson 4-H Multi-Club

I am Keston Humbke and this is my 2nd year in 4H with a Beef project. This year I have a steer and a heifer. I enjoying helping my grandparents (Dan & Kerry Lange) & my Uncle (Jason Lange) with their farm. This is my first time attending the Beef Congress.

Alandra Humbke

Bezanson 4-H Multi-Club

I am Alandra Humbke and this is my 5th year in 4H with a Beef project. This is my first year taking a heifer project. I enjoy helping my grandparents (Dan & Kerry Lange) & uncle (Jason Lange) with their farm. I am working at creating my own herd of black simmentals. This is my first time attending the Beef Congress.



Heath Barnfield

North 42 Cattle Company

North 42 Cattle Company
Located North of Teepee Creek, Alberta
Operating a commercial and pure breed salers herd.
Offering yearling and two year old bulls sold off farm. Colors, Red, Black, Tan and White



Matt Hedges

Dead Horse Creek Cattle Company Ltd

We hosted our bull sale December 6th at the ranch, we will host it again early December 2020. Thank you to all our bidders and buyers, as well as everyone that came out for a visit.

We are located on the Upper Halfway 117 road at kilometer nine if anyone would like to come for a visit and to see our herd.



Erin Kishkan

Pinnacle View Limousin

Pinnacle View Limousin is a family owned purebred operation from Quesnel, BC. They are celebrating their 30th Anniversary of breeding Limousin this year. They run approximately 100 mother cows and you will often find them on the show road each summer and fall. Please join them on April 3, 2020 on the farm for their Continental Connection Bull Sale. They would also like to invite everyone to the farm for their 30th Anniversary production sale this September 12th.



Corinna, William and Mariah Harvey

Rimrock Ranch

We are a family run ranch raising purebred and commercial Speckle Park Cattle. William and Mariah have been showing in 4-H, youth and open shows for the last 3 years.



Linden Rausse 

Rausse Ranch

Linden has his own herd started with a total of 4 head.


Isabel Rausse

Rausse Ranch

Isabel has her own herd started with a total of 4 head.



Scott Cuthbertson

Cuthbertson Cattle Co.

Cuthbertson Cattle is a family run operation including Scott and Jackie and their 2 sons Wyatt and Layne. The farm is located 42 km north of Valleyview. The Cuthbertson’s raise purebred simmental bulls and sell them privately off the farm.
Wyatt Cuthbertson- Wildrose 4-H Multi Club, Valleyview
Layne Cuthbertson- Wildrose 4-H Multi Club, Valleyview



Colby Klassen

Willow Creek Simmentals

Willow Creek Simmentals is a family run farm located near Crooked Creek. We strive to produce high quality simmental cattle that focus on performance and excel in udder and foot quality. Our goal is to offer our customers the best available genetics through an extensive AI and embryo program. We market our bulls at the Northern Classic bull sale on the second friday of march at Evergreen Park in Grande Prairie. There we will have 20-25 red and black simmental bulls on offer that we feel is our strongest set to date. Feel free to stop by the farm anytime and wed gladly tour you through the cow herd.



Nicole Sorensen

Sorensen Cattle Co.

Sorensen Cattle Co is located in Teepee Creek, AB owned and operated by Murray & Nicole Sorensen. We run a commercial herd of 140 black angus/ simmental cross cows along with 20 purebred black angus. We are striving to produce top quality bulls and females for the cattle producer through our strict AI and embryo programs. We sell our bulls as two year olds off the farm by private treaty. Anytime you want to stop by and take a look at our program please do.



Evany Sprinkle

Unhinged Ranch

Purebred and commercial Speckle Park, a Purebred Canadian Arcott sheep herd, and Peafowl.



Urs Tobler

180 Charolais X cows
Custom livestock hauling available tandem truck tridem liner250-262-6711



Todd/Lexi Balisky

Balisky Farms

Balisky Farms is a family run cow/calf operation west of Sexsmith. Todd, Lexi and their 4 children Emma, Luke, Heidi and Wyatt Balisky.
They run a commercial herd of Simm/Red Angus cows and enjoy being a part of the Valhalla 4-H Beef Club.



Scott Gough

GoMack Red Angus

Gomack Red Angus 49th Annual Bull Sale March 10th, 2020 in Dawson Creek. Offering Top Quality Red Angus Bulls. Come ask us about Our new Herd Sire “Ice Man”! Because :”Once you GOMACK – you always come BACK!”



Keiran Hodges

Tri K Cattle

Tri K Cattle is a purebred Simmental operation with reds, blacks and fullbloods. We consign our bulls annually through Transcons Peace Country Bull sale. This years sale is Feb 29th 2020 at VJV Beaverlodge.





















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