Trade Show

Come and check out our trade show. We aim to bring you the agribusiness that you need and want!

The booths you need to check out this year are…

Prairie Coast Equipment

South Peace Grain and Clear Fab

Daswson Creek Co-op

Lewis Cattle Oilers

One Stop Fencing

Trouw Nutrition

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health

Northline Equipment


Ole Farms

Alberta Charolais Association

Alberta Simmental Association

Peace Country Beef and Forage Association

Douglas Lake Equipment

Northway Cattle Company

Nicky Rae Photo Co.

Buttery Bites

Thirty One Gifts


Coopers Canning

If you are interested in being part of our trade show there is information available here, and a printable commitment form here. Or you can fill out the form online here.

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