Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations

1) Each pen exhibit will be made up of three (3) animals, all entries born in the 2018 Calendar year.
2) Pen of two (2) purebred two year old bulls must be born in the 2017 calendar year.
3) All animals may be from the Peace Country or any other region.
4) Commercial pens may not be clipped, blown or washed before or during the event.
5) Herd display cattle and commercial heifers may be stabled loose or in a contained pen. Please specify if your animals are tie broke and if pen entries will be stalled with herd display animals. Pens of purebred bulls and heifers born in 2018 may be entered as non-haltered, but must be clipped and can be shown loose. All bulls born prior born to 2018 must have a nose ring / humbug.
6) All purebred cattle must be tattooed and registered with copies of the papers presented upon arrival to the barn committee. Tattoos will be read on arrival.
7) All cattle in attendance must be free of infectious and contagious diseases (i.e. ringworm).
8) Cattle may begin arriving and stabling at 4pm of Thursday, January 10, 2019. All cattle must be in the building and stalls completed by 10 am Friday, January 11, 2019.
9) All cattle and exhibits will be released 30 minutes after completion of show on Saturday, January 12th, 2019.
10) Competitions are open to all. Residency within the Peace Region is no longer required.
11) Livestock exhibitors and animals will be asked to leave the premises for health or safety reasons, or failure to comply with the above rules and regulations upon request of the Barn Boss or Peace Country Beef Congress Committee.
12) Absolutely no dogs are permitted on the premises.
13) All animals must have CCIA approved tags.
14) Purebred shows will be split into british and exotic classs, with top two from each class competing in the supreme class.

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